Westfield the catalyst, says hotel group

Progress being made on the Westfield shopping centre site in the heart of Bradford is already helping to boost city centre footfall and visitor numbers.

Confirming what many have predicted for the last few years, the owners of the Midland Hotel, right next to the Westfield Broadway site, have said that the building work has already helped contribute to the group’s operations.  Peel Hotels recently announced rising sales and increased profits after a difficult period and have confirmed that they will continue to invest in the Bradford venue.

It was always claimed by various parties, including the Council and Bradford Chamber, that Westfield itself was not a cure-all panacea to Bradford’s challenges, but that it would help to kick-start the city’s regeneration and be one of a number of schemes to help transform the profile and image.  City Park, a large public realm space that stages events like concerts and other shows, has been a great success and a great contributor to that objective.  Now, with Westfield on course to open in just 12 months, city centre regeneration can be seen to be heading in the right direction.

The Midland’s General Manager Gary Peacock said:  “Hopefully Westfield will drive business growth forward and in the longer term the new shopping centre increase footfall.”

Written on 16th October 2014Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in Current Issues, Economy, News