The Rise of the Micro Multinational

Tim Bailey Chamber InternationalExporting is undergoing a steady shift from being the province of mature, large manufacturing businesses to a mainstream commercial activity embraced, virtually from start-up, by entrepreneurs from any background.

The easy access to research, ability to create a global sales shop window and take payments by e-commerce, is enabling micro and small firms to transact directly with customers in a large number of countries worldwide.

This is creating a greater number, and broader range, of international traders, often young, small and niche with customers already identified through the Internet, and the professional support required will be as much to do with selecting e-commerce channels as it will be visiting the market.

These ‘technology-enabled’ new exporters will rely on the Internet to grow their business servicing  a growing global middle class, eventually creating a large, diverse strata in the bedrock of overseas trade which will benefit economies worldwide as part of the global move towards the rise of the micro multinational.

For those just getting started, UK Trade & Investment, the Government organisation that helps businesses find overseas markets, has appointed Digital Trade Advisors and negotiated discounted rates for UK retailers and brands to list their products on some of the world’s major e-commerce platforms and e-marketplaces. These include Amazon (US), Mercado Libre (Latin America) and Alibaba (China).

Fast customs clearance and predictability of deliveries will be essential for this new wave of Internet exporters.

Customs processes now need to adapt to a world where millions of small packages are being sent by hundreds of thousands of small businesses around the world. A different world to one of containers with products from one or two companies shipped between well-established trade corridors.

Our specialist team of international shipping experts was created to help businesses taking their first steps towards cross border trade.  Valuable management time can be freed-up and directed towards other important areas of a business when you can put your trust in someone to manage your overseas orders for you. Telephone Michealla Platt on 0845 034 7200 to find out more.

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Written on 2nd March 2015Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in Exporting, News