Sector reps sought for Local Affairs Committee

Bradford Chamber is looking to recruit new members to one of its key policy-making groups.

The Local Affairs Committee considers proposals and plans from a Bradford or regional perspective that are likely to affect Bradford businesses, making recommendations on possible courses of action to the main group, Chamber Council.  These initiatives often come from the local authority, but the group also requests presentations from other bodies whose actions often affect business performance.

For example, recent meetings have had senior representatives from West Yorkshire Police (road traffic and anti-social behaviour), Bradford Council (highways, planning, environment, employment and skills, sport and culture), Metro (transport and connectivity) and others.

Particular sectors that we are looking to recruit to the group (although all interested parties will be considered)  include:

  1. Transport/haulage
  2. Education/training/skills
  3. IT/technology
  4. Design/print/publishing
  5. Banking/finance
  6. Marketing/PR
  7. Manufacturing/engineering

As well as being able to comment to those involved in proposals or schemes affecting your business future, you would get first hand information to share with colleagues and other businesses in your sector as we look to you to reflect your profession’s viewpoint.  There are four meetings a year, at Devere House over lunch.

We are looking for senior business people with either a good grasp of their own sector or a decent knowledge of the local business landscape.  No shrinking violets please, you need to be able to make your views known!

For more details, contact the Chamber on 01274 230057 or email here.

Written on 9th September 2014Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in Current Issues, Economy, Lobbying, News