Renowned inventor sees export success thanks to business funding

Bradford-based manufacturer, Weston Handling Consultancy has received financial backing from the Business Enterprise Fund (BEF) to increase facilities and create five full time jobs.

Headed by serial inventor of lifting technology, Stephen Weston, the business specialises in modifying manufacturing equipment for efficiency. The company has seen success in the paper industry and has launched its new range of British built Stacker trucks, especially designed for paper roll and materials handling applications.

ABL Business, which specialises in providing companies with commercial finance and marketing support approached business lenders BEF on behalf of Weston Handling Consultancy after working with Stephen to develop business plans and cash flow forecasts.

Thanks to a £50k loan from business lenders BEF, plans are now place to move all manufacturing to the Bradford workshop in Fieldhead Business Park where 30 reel handling trucks will be made each year.

Since receiving its funding, Weston Handling Consultancy has secured sales to adhesive and packaging company 3M in the USA and has plans to grow the business overseas due to sales of his bespoke products increasing internationally.  In addition to helping source the finance, ABL Business also provided marketing support of which £36,000 of sales were credited to.

This year also sees Stephen take part in Voom 2016 to pitch his revolutionary seatbelt harness for pregnant women to Richard Branson.

Award-winning inventor, Stephen Weston said: “Around 52% of our clients are from overseas so we needed to increase our warehouse space to provide a facility where we can add the finishing touches to the trucks, test them and showcase our machines to potential customers.

“Our business is based around efficiency, with our homogenised designed trucks allowing larger loads to be carried, which thanks to BEF are now built and distributed quicker than ever before. This loan was instrumental to taking our manufacturing process to the next level.”

Stephen Waud, chief executive at BEF which has offices in Bradford, Leeds, York and Darlington said: “We take pride in supporting fellow Bradford businesses and Stephen has brought innovation to the next level with this business.  To see such a successful, innovative company develop from our region and grow on a worldwide basis is fantastic!”

Written on 6th July 2016Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in Members News, News