New website for childrens’ party planners

A new website has been launched by a Chamber member which makes it much easier for parents and guardians to find the ideal kids’ party for their children on birthdays and other special occasions.

Adam Barrett and Marek Setnicka who are behind the site first met when they worked together at the Bradford office of Anchor Trust – England’s largest not-for-profit housing association.

After two or three years working together on the internal software development team, the pair decided to start a venture of their own, motivated by the idea of choosing their own work, and
making a positive difference to businesses and people in the UK through computer software.

Following a variety of successful projects completed over their first three years trading under the name Rising Kite, Adam and Marek were inspired to set up a comparison site for children’s parties.

Adam explained “We noticed that parents were often booking parties at venues they have been to many times before for other children’s birthdays. It became clear that although children generally want something new each birthday, parents were taking them to the same old places due to the difficulty in finding out what else is out there, and how much things cost.”

Marek added “We decided we ought to put our technical skills to good use to develop a site that would make the whole process much easier. The site gives parents the chance to quickly find a good deal as well as giving their child something new to make each party as special as the last”

The site has the unusual name, and is much more than a typical directory site. Searches can be made based on a particular postcode, and individual party packages are listed with details such as pricing and whether food is included. This means that parent’s don’t have to spend hours ringing around for details – all the information is right there on Snozzcumber.

Snozzcumber currently focuses on East Lancashire and West Yorkshire, and the plan is to ultimately become the one-stop-shop for booking kids’ parties across the UK.

As a demonstration of how the site works, dozens of kids’ party packages around Bradford can be found here.

Written on 14th May 2015Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in Members News