New Odeon site scheme unveiled by Bradford Property Forum

OdeonBradford Property Forum’s pre-Christmas social gathering included a preview of schemes proposed for the former Odeon site.

The two current ideas familiar to most – live music venues, of different sizes, accompanied by an assortment of other facilities – were accompanied by a new proposal for a swimming pool and sports centre on the site.  The latter concept was brought to Bradford Property Forum (BPF) as a potential scheme following Bradford Council’s announcement that it needs to close several of the District’s pools and build a new one to replace them.

The thinking behind a pool for the Odeon site is that it is central (easy to get to), brings people into the city (assisting footfall requirements) and that it could be used day and night (live music is obviously mainly a night-time only activity).

Visual schematics of the pool/sports centre were displayed at the BPF event on 10 December at the Midland Hotel, and discussions are now taking place to find backers ahead of the January deadline for expressions of interest for schemes on the Odeon site.  So far, all the schemes known about intend to retain at least part of the original building.

Lee Craven and Gideon Seymour both presented on behalf of the two music ventures, Bradford Live and Bradford One, while BPF vice-chair Steve McManus of Chartback Developments is leading on the swimming pool concept.

Written on 20th December 2013Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in Current Issues, Lobbying, News