Mansfield Pollard provide expert advice to an international audience

Mansfield Pollard – which supplies energy efficient ventilation and sound management equipment to a global consumer base – has further cemented its position in the world of commercial kitchen ventilation by sharing its knowledge and experience at a technical seminar in Dubai.

The seminar – organised by Mansfield Pollard’s UAE agent Green Energy – took place at the Crowne Plaze Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Rood, Dubai, and gave local contractors and consultants the opportunity to network with each other, and to expand their knowledge and understanding around commercial kitchen ventilation.

Mansfield Pollard Managing Director, Joanna Robinson, along with Scott Donoghue, Head of Projects and Kitchen Ventilation, were invited to the event to share expert technical advice with the audience, and showcase Mansfield Pollard’s latest range of bespoke UV canopies, recirculating canopies and cold water mist filtration systems.

One of the presentation topics that generated significant interest was Mansfield Pollard’s ability to manufacture any canopy from its range using stainless steel with a choice of 80 different colour finishes. This was of particular interest to the audience because of the increasing popularity of front-of-house cooking in Dubai, and the ability it would give designers to have the canopy finish match the décor of any restaurant.

Joanna Robinson, Managing Director at Mansfield Pollard said: “We were delighted to attend the technical seminar in Dubai and share our knowledge and capabilities with other industry professionals.

“Dubai is a global destination for the culinary scene with multicultural cuisine, dining spots and some of the most beautiful restaurants in the world. The latest trend for front of house cooking is becoming increasingly popular, and more and more clients are looking for kitchen canopies that will complement the décor of their eatery.

“Our ability to manufacture 80 different colour finishes makes us unique and further strengthens our commitment to offering innovative air management solutions to our clients in the Middle East, that not only tackle the problem but look aesthetically pleasing.”

Written on 21st April 2017Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in Members News, News