Air management firm helps Dubai hotel

Air management expert Mansfield Pollard – which supplies energy efficient kitchen ventilation solutions to a global client base – has been appointed by the Pearl Hotel, Dubai, to design and manufacture two recirculating canopies for its busy commercial kitchen.

The Bradford based manufacturer has a reputation as a problem solver within the industry thanks to its knowledge, experience and capabilities which bring value to its customers not only in the UK but in locations as diverse as Azerbaijan and Dubai.

The self-contained recirculating canopies work by passing the extracted air through a series of filters, removing up to 98% of oil, smoke and grease particles down to sub-micron levels before allowing it to be gently discharged back into the kitchen; providing the perfect solution for electric cooking suites where running extract and supply ductwork to atmosphere would prove problematic such as in listed buildings.

This latest innovative design incorporates an electrostatic precipitator which not only removes virtually all airborne grease, but also saves on the costs associated with ongoing ductwork cleaning, filter replacement and the downtime associated with maintenance. 

Joanna Robinson, Managing Director at Mansfield Pollard said: “Business remains buoyant in the Middle East and Mansfield Pollard’s kitchen canopies are already installed in over 50 per cent of the 160 eateries in the spectacular Dubai mall.

“In a region where green credentials and energy efficiency are paramount, it is vital that our specialist team can develop bespoke solutions that not only tackle the problem but ensure a low environmental impact.

“We want to be solutions focused and to be able to support our clients by offering complete airside packages. They can come to us for everything they need on a project and be confident that we’ll work with them to deliver innovative, cost effective and technically appropriate solutions.”

Mansfield Pollard produces an innovative range of high-quality products including air handling units, kitchen canopies, air conditioning systems and both vibration and acoustic management systems all of which deliver best in class performance and efficiency.

Written on 6th September 2016Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in Members News, News