Heritage app for Little Germany

A Bradford-based not for profit organisation has developed a smartphone app that allows users to discover the heritage, history and art of Little Germany. Little Germany Action (LGA) was established in 2011 by local businessmen and residents based in the area.

The founders of LGA, Dave West, Graham Sweeney & Simon Petchey of law firm Schofield Sweeney and a local design agency vowed to dedicate effort into helping the area realise its potential and to create something special in the heart of Bradford city centre.

Dave West has worked in Little Germany since 1986 and said: “Little Germany is a wonderful place – a unique concentration of beautiful Victorian listed buildings where people live and work. But despite years of effort very few people know enough about this Bradford gem – either locally, regionally or nationally.”

The area of Little Germany was seemingly overlooked but with the development of the Broadway shopping centre reconnecting the area to the city centre, the residents and business owners of the area have fresh hope that others will see it’s potential.

They have introduced a number of quirky art installations alongside existing features which together form parts of evolving arts and heritage trail through Little Germany.

But LGA needed a way to get the word out that this new trail exists so they joined forces with a local web development and design agency, to develop an app which allows visitors to walk through Little Germany and discover the heritage of the area, using Bluetooth technology to display artwork and tell stories which add to the visitor’s experience.

West added: “The use of Bluetooth beacons and a smartphone app is a wonderful way of spreading the news and getting more people to enjoy the art and to discover Little Germany! I am indebted to Intermesh for making this happen, and Little Germany Action is going to use this as a starting point, a pilot for a fantastic opportunity to showcase one of the best heritage areas in the country – so watch this space for more great art in the near future!”

With the help of this new app, locals and visitors to the city will be able to explore this part of Bradford that is full of interesting facts, rich heritage and beautiful architecture.

The app is available to download from the Android and Apple app stores, it’s called ‘LGA Heritage Trail’.


Written on 23rd March 2017Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in News