Land development sites consultation

Consultation is underway in Bradford to identify land sites for development over the next generation.

Bhupinder Dev (right) presents to Chamber on employment land allocation

Bhupinder Dev (right) presents to Chamber on employment land allocation

The ‘Allocations Development Plan Document’ is a key publication as it will identify and allocate areas to meet the need for new homes, employment sites and infrastructure.  The DPD needs to show sufficient land for at least 35,000 new homes and 135ha of employment land to be built by 2030.  The city centre, Shipley and Canal Road Corridor are exempt as they are subject to separate plans.

The consultation welcomes comments on the intended scope of the plan, sites which should be allocated to meet needs and targets and evidence which should be considered.  There is also a ‘Call for Sites’ to be identified (minimum 0.2ha).  A request for potential Green Belt areas that offer sustainable development opportunities is also included.

The consultation is an opportunity to comment on key issues and opportunities facing Bradford and future housing and employment supply.

The consultation period runs to 19 July, and a stakeholder briefing will be held on Monday 23 May, 10-noon at Jacob’s Well, BD1 5RW. To book, email or phone (01274) 435389

Written on 13th May 2016Mike Cartwright. Published in News