Jobless figures falling in Bradford

Unemployment in Bradford has reached an eight-year low, dropping below 9,000, official statistics have revealed.

The number claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance in December was 314, the lowest since 2007. The unemployment rate for Bradford is now 2.6%, compared to 2.0% regionally and 1.5% nationally.

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that, nationally, unemployment has fell by 239,000 last year.

Employment has reached a record 31.3 million, a rate of 74%, increasing by more than half a million over the past year and by 267,000 in the latest quarter.

Almost 23 million people are in a full-time job, 436,000 more than a year earlier, while 8.4 million are working part-time, up by 152,000. The number of workers in part-time jobs wanting a full-time post is 1.2 million, down by 21,000 in the latest three months.

Economic inactivity, counting people on long-term sick leave, looking after a relative or who have given up looking for work, fell by 93,000 to just under nine million, the lowest since the spring of 2014.

The inactivity rate for women reached a record low of 27%. The record high was 44% in 1971, when most employment records started.

Average earnings increased by 2% in the year to November, down by 0.4%.

Written on 2nd February 2016Mike Cartwright. Published in Current Issues, Employment, News, News story 3