JCT600 announces new name for leasing division

Picture of John Tordoff and Andrew MannIndependent Yorkshire-based car retailer JCT600 has announced that from January its successful leasing and fleet management division, formerly known as JCT600 Contracts, will be re-named JCT600 Vehicle Leasing Solutions.

Alongside the name change, the division has undergone a complete re-branding to give it a fresh, modern image and it has also launched a brand new website.  Over the last 26 years, the division, which is a stand-alone business within JCT600, has undergone huge growth – it now operates a 7,000-strong fleet which has an asset value of more than £140m. Predominantly serving SMEs, typically with fleets of 5-200 vehicles, it supplies all brands of cars, vans and even mini buses throughout the UK from the South East to Scotland.  Based at Apperley Bridge, the division employs 43 staff.

“Having recovered from the celebrations around our 25th anniversary in September 2013, we took the opportunity to re-evaluate the business and felt we should show a more accurate face to the world,” explains Andrew Mann, managing director of JCT600 Vehicle Leasing Solutions.  “We have long been known for offering a high quality, reliable range of leasing and fleet management services, provided by a well-trained, professional and experienced team.  What we hadn’t shouted about was the depth and extent of the services we offer.  Alongside that was the feeling that our name was a little out-dated.

“By renaming ourselves JCT600 Vehicle Leasing Solutions, as well as adopting a fresh look, website and marketing materials, we are better able to convey what we are about and the extent of our capabilities as well as differentiating ourselves from our competitors.”

Mr Mann continues: “A key message is our ability to offer ‘grey’ or used vehicle fleet management as well as the breadth of facilities and services we offer including electronic driver licence checking, mileage capture and management, ‘duty of care’ services, consultancy and salary sacrifice advice. With many businesses returning to company car policies, our long experience means we can provide the expert advice they need, helping to identify the most tax efficient vehicles and ensuring compliance with health and safety law as well as removing the stress and time involved in managing a fleet.”

John Tordoff, chief executive of JCT600, adds: ““From humble beginnings, JCT600 Contracts has grown to become the jewel in the JCT600 crown over the last few years and the re-branding marks another important milestone in its development, enabling it to move forward and continue to make a significant contribution to the success of JCT600.”

Picture : John Tordoff (foreground), chief executive of JCT600, with Andrew Mann, managing director of JCT600 Vehicle Leasing Solutions

Written on 12th January 2015Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in Members News