Frequently asked questions about the merger

Bradford Chamber and Leeds, York & North Yorkshire Chamber merged into one organisation on 13 February 2014.

We are confident that this merger will be of real benefit to businesses across the whole areas covered by Chambers.  However, we understand that businesses will have queries on how the new group will operate and how your membership is affected.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that we hope will provide answers to at least some of those queries. If you have other questions not covered below, contact your nearest Chamber office for further information.

1)    Which Chamber am I now a member of?

Any business that was a member of either Bradford Chamber or the Leeds, York & North Yorks Chamber (LY&NY) is now a member of the West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce (WNYC). To allow us to fully represent and services businesses across this wider area there will be three local Chambers (Bradford, Leeds and York & North Yorkshire) gathering views and data in order to maintain a local as well as sub-regional profile and relationships.

2)    What commercial services can I access

Pre-merger, some services were duplicated, others were not. A process is now underway to ensure the same services are available wherever a business is based. Contractual obligations mean that all pre-merger services remain available.  (Contracts will be reviewed as they near renewal time.)

3)    What events can I attend

One immediate benefit is increased networking opportunities.  Members across the group can attend all Chamber events in Bradford, Leeds and York& North Yorkshire at member rate. Please refer to the existing Bradford Chamber and LY&NY websites for details of upcoming events.

4)    My business is currently a member of Bradford and Leeds, York & North Yorkshire.  Do I still pay two subscriptions?

Businesses that had membership with both Chambers before the merger will pay only one membership fee upon renewal.

Example: if you recently paid for Bradford membership, you will not have to pay for your Leeds membership later in the year.

5)    I am a member of both Chambers; which office should I deal with?

We recommend that you engage with the Chamber office that is either based in the same area as your own business or if you don’t have a local base, then the office in the area where you conduct most of your business activity.

6)    I have membership with both Chambers and have recently paid both subscriptions; do I get a refund?

Please contact your local office (see question 5) who will arrange a pro rata subscription refund based on the remainder of the subscription you wish to cancel. If you are paying by Direct Debit (DD) please cancel the DD and notify your local office.

7)    Policy and Representation

Policy and representation will continue to be offered at a local level. Please refer to your local existing website for contact details.

8)    I am thinking of joining; which office should I contact?

As per questions 5 we recommend that you engage with the Chamber office that is either based in the same area as your business location or the office in the area where you conduct most of your business activity.

9)    I am based outside of West and North Yorkshire; which Chamber should I contact?

Please see the answer to question 8.

10) Will all three Chambers in the group have their own websites?

We are working on having three websites, one for each of the Chamber areas covered.  Currently Bradford has its own website –;  Leeds and York & North Yorkshire Chamber is at


11) Will there be one President for the new Chamber Group?

No; each Chamber within the group will keep its own President.


12) I currently sit on a local steering group/committee;  will these continue?

All pre-merger committees and groups will continue. All three Chamber areas will have a local representative group.

Written on 27th February 2014Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in News