Construction lunch: attract not repel

Come and join us for the Construction Lunch and hear how working closer together is paying off for businesses in Bradford and Leeds.

You’ll hear about how ‘magnet city’ and ‘smart city’ concepts can change the fortunes of places not hitherto considered to be challengers to the top world cities.

Our speakers are Tom Baker, business development director at BT, Justine Andrew, director KPMG and Jonathon Turton, director, KPMG Infrastructure.

We’ll demonstrate examples of cities that undertook bold experiments and huge risks to reinvent themselves. Today, they are fast-growing cities with economic growth that in many instances outstrip the national average.  They have, to use the vernacular, flipped their magnetic orientation and now entice instead of repel.

At the heart of West Yorkshire, Bradford and Leeds’ ability to find greater aggregation means these concepts can work here as they have done elsewhere.  As the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ idea also begins to take shape through devolution and other policy initiatives, now is the time to debate the next steps.

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Written on 7th May 2015Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in News story 3