Circular economy project supported by Lindapter

Bradford steelwork clamping company Lindapter has contributed to a major recycling and sustainability project that has underlined its commitment to sound environmental policies.

The construction industry currently produces three times more waste than all UK households combined, including 60 tonnes of materials that go straight to the tip due to incorrect ordering, damage or not fitting correctly.  Lindapter and other collaborators have generously given their time, products and services to support an Arup project that tested the maturity of the circular economy thinking (*).

The prototype challenged designers and suppliers to think differently about materials and construction processes in order to create a building where, at the end of its life, all the elements could be re-used, re-manufactured or re-cycled. True circularity has only been possible with the support of manufacturers such as Lindapter who are committed to testing the principles that underpin the circular economy.

During the project, Arup asked Lindapter to design and supply a connection system to secure the circular building’s roof panels, wall panels and glazing supports to the structural frame. Lindapter’s team designed bespoke connection solutions that allowed panel installation by easily sliding and aligning eco-boards into position before tightening with a standard torque wrench.

Only hand tools are required to install Lindapter products, so noise, waste, and tool/welding consumables are avoided. Lindapter clamps allow onsite adjustability and adaptability to suit different beam thicknesses and angle alignment to ensure a guaranteed fit, therefore minimising site waste or returned construction components.

The connection solutions were particularly appropriate for the circular buildings project due to Lindapter’s synergy with the principles of the circular economy, for example, Lindapter’s products provide flexibility, ease of deconstruction and the potential to reuse or recycle.  Lindapter prides itself on its outstanding green policies and creates social, environmental and economic benefits in steel construction, supporting what BCSA refer to as sustainability’s ‘triple bottom line’.

Visit to read more about Lindapter’s environmental policies and download its ISO 14001 certificate.

(* = A circular economy is an alternative to a traditional linear economy (make, use, dispose).  Resources are kept in use for as long as possible, extracting maximum value, with components recovered and regenerated for re-use at the end of service life.)

Written on 6th October 2016Mike Cartwright. Published in Environment, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Members News, News