Christeyns signs longest ever contract in multi-million pound deal

Following another outstanding year of business, laundry chemicals manufacturer Christeyns recently exchanged contracts with Camplings Linen, a commercial laundry in Great Yarmouth, in a deal worth around £3m.

Late last month Camplings Linen launched its new 30,000sq/ft laundry plant on Harfrey’s Industrial Estate in Great Yarmouth.  The new facility, now one of the country’s most sophisticated commercial laundries, will provide an increased capacity of 25 per cent and mean the business can process up to 500,000 pieces of linen a week.

For Christeyns, this represents the longest ever customer contract signed to date and is worth several million pounds over the length of the deal, helping secure jobs and investments at the Bradford headquarters and paving the way for further multi-faceted collaborations.

Christeyns won the contract based on its innovative, groundbreaking Cool Chemistry, a patented innovation that combines equipment and chemistry to deliver improved whiteness and increased disinfection whilst washing at lower temperatures.

Christeyns also installed £750,000 worth of detergent dosing and monitoring equipment along with Water and Energy equipment that allows the laundry to operate steam free, recycling both water and energy.  This will reduce water consumption by around 40% and total energy consumption by 30%.

The investment also included the installation of Laundry Dashboard, a tool for measuring the efficiency of both people and processes, providing updates on current productivity against targets.

Christeyns is passionate about all it does and progressive in its thinking, with a continued focus on the environment and the challenges of producing innovative solutions.  This keeps the company at the cutting edge of the business sectors in which it operates and thus able to offer real improvements and value for money for its customers.

Written on 20th February 2017Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in Members News, News