Call for businesses to help promote science and technology

Businesses are being encouraged to promote technology, innovation and science to young people at a festival in Bradford in October.

Bradford Science Festival includes a month-long programme of activities, centred around a cluster during 15-17 October, and an appeal has gone out for businesses to get involved to demonstrate the attractions to young people.

Businesses particularly involved in the digital sector, innovation, technology, science and engineering are those sought for the event.  The event’s organisers say they intend to engage with young people and demonstrate how science works in an innovative way, and how it affects people’s everyday lives.

Bradford Chamber of Commerce is appealing for businesses to contact the organisers for more information – email them here

Read more on the Yorkshire Post website here

Call 08456 522406 to speak with the organisers, Space Connections.

Mike Cartwright of Bradford Chamber said: “This festival has the potential to stir up young people’s interest in science and technology and make the link between classroom studies and the real world.  It can also help overcome perceptions of science as geeky and engineering as dirty and from-the-past.

Written on 19th August 2014Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in Current Issues, Employment, News