Business professionals needed to drive school improvement

Schools in Bradford are looking for skilled professionals to help drive school improvement by becoming school governors. The need for more governors presents a unique opportunity for local employers to improve links with education and professionally develop their staff.

School governors are expected to take responsibility for a number of key decisions regarding a school’s budget and strategy whilst also ensuring the Head Teacher can be held accountable for how the school is run.  The expectations/requirements of the role mean that schools really value the range of skills, expertise and insight that volunteers from the business world can bring.

Moreover, school governance offers a fantastic free CPD opportunity for staff as skills such as teamworking, problem solving, decision making and strategic thinking are developed in the role. Governor training is also provided by the local authority.

“The best businesses have a skilful board of directors keeping them on the right path. I want to see the same approach in schools.”
Lord Nash, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Schools.

“Aviva actively encourages employees to volunteer in their communities and works closely with SGOSS to promote school governance within the company. We realise staff can help schools by offering their business and professional experience and becoming a school governor is an ideal opportunity to further their professional development.”
Evan Hirsch, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Aviva UK

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Written on 20th March 2014Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in News