Business Manifesto warns politicians ahead of election

The British Chambers of Commerce has published its ‘Business Manifesto’ in advance of next year’s General Election.

The manifesto highlights what the next government needs to focus on to get the backing of businesses across the country, including those in Bradford.  The document underlines seven themes it says can help Britain to become a “more confident, more enterprising and more skilled trading nation.”

Paul Mackie, President of Bradford Chamber, said:

“It’s important that we get these messages out early to all political parties, hence the launch now.  The three main political parties all have their annual conferences over the next three weeks and our national Chamber body will be using the document at these and other events over the coming months to highlight our concerns and our priorities.  In that way, the party manifestos can be drafted to include many if not all of the themes and proposals.  Bradford, like much of the rest of the country, is now moving from a period of caution to one of consolidation and here is a plan that can help our businesses grow through empowerment.  It’s important to get the message out to the Leeds City Region partners too as the cities can help to create the northern powerhouse idea.”

The seven themes of the manifesto are:

1. Develop the talents of the next generation
–    because preparing young people for the world of work, investing in the skills of those already at work,  and nurturing the business leaders of tomorrow are essential to the  UK’s  competitiveness;

2. Support long-term business investment
–    because promoting access to finance and backing investors in dynamic businesses will support the rebalancing the UK economy so badly needs and help drive up productivity;

3. Grow Britain’s global trade potential
–    because building international networks, investing in our export skills base and removing barriers to trade will support UK businesses to take on the world;

4. Place business at the heart of local growth
–    because ensuring business growth takes centre stage in local decision-making and procurement will boost the economies of our cities, towns, and counties;

5. Rebuild Britain’s business infrastructure
–    because a world-class economy needs world-class infrastructure and businesses need certainty that crucial improvements are actually delivered;

6. Drive down business costs and taxes
–    because simplifying the UK tax system and reducing the taxes firms pay even before they generate a profit, will boost businesses competitiveness, investment and jobs;

7. Deliver a new settlement for Britain in Europe
–    because making the economic opportunities of the European trading bloc work for business and ensuring clear safeguards for Britain against unwanted further integration, will be critical for our future success.

Mike Cartwright, Policy Executive, added: “Although it’s clear that Labour under Ed Miliband have failed to woo the public and the business community, that doesn’t mean the Conservatives, whether in coalition or not, can take anything for granted at the next election.  Each party needs to have developed a credible and rigorous set of policies that clearly go for growth and unshackle businesses climbing out of recession.  They would do well to read the Business Manifesto early to help shape those policies.”

Written on 9th September 2014Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in Economy, Lobbying, News