Rising Kite children's parties

Business is just bouncy

Snozzcumber.com are expanding! Following the success of their first few months after launch, the people behind the comparison site for kids’ parties have opened the door to three additional kinds of children’s party- related services.

Co-founder Marek Setnicka of Rising Kite explained, “Snozzcumber was launched with a single search facility for finding ‘all-in-one’ party packages – the kind where all parents need to do is make the one booking, invite guests along and turn up at the venue on the day. Whilst these kind of parties are becoming increasingly popular, another common option is to arrange the venue and entertainment separately. That’s why we introduced three new searches for venue hire, bouncy castle hire, and mobile entertainers.”

Marek went on to describe how parents could now ‘pick & mix’ from the various types of party services to build up the perfect party, with a single visit to Snozzcumber.com. This represents another step towards the companies goal of becoming the one-stop-shop for finding and booking kids’ parties.

In order to bring the website this far, Marek and his business partner Adam Barrett have invested heavily in researching the latest approved Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques and applying them to Snozzcumber.com. As the pair described it, “Some SEO techniques that had worked in not so distant past are now ineffective and some of them are even penalised by Google, so a whole new approach needed to be taken to make sure that Snozzcumber would be find-able on Google. Without massive marketing budgets, utilising good SEO is the only way for us to attract a continuous stream of visitors to the site so that they can enjoy the benefits.”

Having introduced the additional kinds of party-related services to the site and worked hard on SEO, the plan now for Snozzcumber is to expand geographically from the current coverage area of East Lancashire and West Yorkshire.

Marek excitedly added, “We intend to employ students and mums who have a a little bit of spare time to look for and suggest new parties to be included in Snozzcumber’s growing database. For this purpose, a new section of the website entitled ‘Snozzberries’ is being prepared to enable a convenient data entry using desktop, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones.”

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Written on 12th August 2015Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in Members News