Business Enterprise Fund Prospers with City Training Services Ace Apprentices

Katie Revitt and Ellie Hogarth, noted for their ability to make independent decisions, vigorously pursue new ideas and act on their own initiative are the latest talented Apprentices to emerge from City Training Services (CTS), which is part of the Bradford College Group.

Katie Revitt and Ellie Hogarth have been adding value and a fresh perspective to the Business Enterprise Fund where they work, having secured positions through leading training provider CTS. With success rates higher than the national average, CTS has been working closely with employers to train the employees of the future for over 30 years.

The Business Enterprise Fund (BEF), a social enterprise that lends money to businesses in West and North Yorkshire and the North East approached CTS to secure Apprentices to join their busy team. Katie Revitt and Ellie Hogarth were exactly the type of employees the Business Enterprise Fund was looking for to contribute to the company’s continued success. Studies have shown that companies with the right workforce are the ones that prosper.

Focused and dedicated Katie Revitt (aged 21) completed her Business Administration Apprenticeship in 2014, working four days a week at BEF, whilst complementing her practical experience with a day studying at Bradford College.  Katie has now progressed onto a degree course.

Katie originally completed A levels at school and although she had the grades to go to university felt an Apprenticeship would offer her the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, whilst achieving a nationally recognised qualification.

Katie explained: “At the time when I left school, everyone was talking about uni – uni was the next step. I applied and got in to study Primary Education.  It got closer to when I was meant to start and I just thought to myself, teaching just isn’t for me. I attended a local college and in the space of one and a half months I did two courses.  I didn’t like either of them and it just made me unhappy so I left and worked part-time. My mum saw an advert for City Training; I phoned in and got an interview. I told them I wanted to work in Business Administration and they found me a job with the Business Enterprise Fund. The good thing about an Apprenticeship is you’re learning while you’re working as well. I’ve got the best of both worlds and completing the Apprenticeship has given me the confidence to work in a large organisation.”

Ellie Hogarth originally stayed on at school to complete her AS levels, despite passing her exams Ellie felt that a school environment was not right for her. Her decision to leave was also compounded by the sudden loss of her inspirational teacher who died in a tragic accident.  Ellie said: “She was the best teacher ever.  Everyone loved her.  That was a really sad time and I thought I don’t want to go back, so I got a part-time job at Matalan, whilst I was looking for an Apprenticeship.  The Apprenticeship has been great!  I work full-time and I really enjoy my job. I’m happy where I am now.  I’ve met new people and I’ve got a lot more confidence.

Studies have shown that people with high levels of self-awareness and confidence push themselves further to reach their full potential. Ellie has successfully completed her Level 2 Business Administration and has now progressed onto Level 3.

Ellie commenting on the support she has received from Mike Jowett, her Assessor Training Co-ordinator from CTS said: “If there is ever any issues when I’m doing work I can always give Mike a call or send him an email and say ‘I’m struggling, please can you give me a hand’.”  Ellie commenting on her progression onto Level 3 added: “It’s a more complex course; I will have to do a lot more work in my own time.  It definitely feels like a step up.”

Lynne Akroyd, BEF Fund Administration Manager has been instrumental in supporting and mentoring Katie and Ellie to become the outstanding employees we know today.  Lynne said: “We’ve been really fortunate in that all the Apprentices we’ve had, have all come across very well.  What really mattered to us was not so much the qualifications as they stood then, but their keenness, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. They have definitely added value to the business, they bring a different outlook to the job than someone who’s been working for quite a long time… I think they bring a fresh perspective.”

Mike Jowett, Assessor Training Co-ordinator for City Training Services has offered mentorship, support and guidance to both Ellie and Katie throughout their Apprenticeships.  Mike added: “Ellie and Katie have the intrinsic motivation to get things done to the best of their ability. Their experience in a professional workplace has made them very employable people who are really beginning to shine. I think they have a bright future ahead of them!”

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Written on 6th July 2015Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in Members News, News