Chamber Charity

The Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting local charities and foundations

Our nominated charity for 2016-17 is The Linking Network

Schools Linking supports schools and communities to develop a positive, cohesive ethos by helping children and young people and adults to explore their identity, celebrate diversity, champion equality and develop dialogue.

We seek to link schools and communities together, and support work
on SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural) development that can form a lever for positive whole school change. This includes exploration of British values. Our learning, from the Bradford local school linking programme, from partners we work with around the country and our direct work with schools, informs our training.

We believe this work has never been more needed and makes an important difference in the lives of children and young people and can make a significant contribution to community cohesion. The team establishing this charity has a voice that is valued in schools and recognised nationally.


The Chamber charity will be chosen by the current President’s from each region.

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