Bradford Chamber President welcomes news from Westfield

Bradford Chamber President Paul Mackie has responded to the news that Westfield will recommence work on the Bradford site next week:

“Bradford Chamber welcomes the news that Westfield are to return onto the site on Monday 25 November 2013. Whilst this may be seen as a ‘long time coming’ through Bradford Chamber’s continued dialogue with key decision makers at Westfield, our confidence has remained high that work would begin, as previously announced, in 2013.

“The Westfield ‘Meet the Buyer’ event due to be held on 11 December is further positive news for local businesses as the ongoing development of Westfield should present a number of local supply chain opportunities. Bradford Chamber will be actively encouraging its members to make the most of these. This news, coupled with the increasing business confidence across the District, as reported in our quarterly economic survey, indicates that Bradford is continuing to move in the right direction.”

Written on 6th December 2013Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in Lobbying, News