Bradford Chamber charities unveiled

Bradford Nightstop and The Big Swing will be supported by fundraising efforts by the business support organisation from now until next summer, when the current president, Nick Garthwaite steps down.

Nightstop provides emergency accommodation for young homeless people, while The Big Swing is a playground for children in Eccleshill.

Mr Garthwaite, the managing director of cleaning products company, Christeyns, said: “I’m pleased that the Chamber will be supporting the good works of these two charities over the coming months.  It’s never an easy decision, deciding one charity over another, which is why we limited the selected ones to just one year – so that we can support different ones over the years.”

The main fund-raising event for the Chamber is its annual dinner, which took place in November at the Midland Hotel.

Both charities welcomed the fundraising support.

Written on 3rd January 2019Mike Cartwright. Published in News, News story 1