Annual Priorities Survey: Findings

Businesses across Bradford are increasingly concerned with local traffic congestion, according to our annual survey on business priorities.

The importance of tackling this key issue is underlined as more businesses than last year pointed to congestion earlier this year when the fieldwork was undertaken.

Businesses feel that there has been some progress in addressing two of the top issues regularly flagged up in this survey, image and city regeneration, as these both fell in the standings.  Concern over crime also fell a little, as it did also on planning and land use issues.

Skills shortages and the availability of finding local trainers remain key distractions for substantial numbers, while nearly half the respondents want to see yet more done to help manufacturers.

The top barriers to growth and better performance are confidence, cashflow and late payment; on national matters, energy costs, exchange rates and taxation levels are the top three issues.

A one-page summary of the results can be found here.

Bradford Chamber President, Paul Mackie, said: “The Priorities survey continues to provide a good insight into the issues concerning Bradford businesses, both local and national ones.  The survey complements  the other research we do, such as on the economy or with our national body, and also augments our frequent discussions that we have face-to-face with members to support policy development.  I’d like to thank those businesses that have taken part in this valuable fact-finding exercise.  We will be conveying the findings to Bradford Council.”

Written on 20th May 2014Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in Current Issues, Lobbying, News, Survey